We love Shibui Beverage Co Coconut Water. It has a great taste and is one of the best coconut waters available in the market. Being 100% natural and with no additives, Shibui benefits from a low, natural sugar content of under 2.8% per 100mls. This gives Shibui Coconut Water a light, refreshing taste that is not only unique but also better for you. It tastes great with some fresh fruit including lemon, lime and berries. Delicious and nutritious!


SHIBUI BEVERAGE CO was conceived after noticing a gap in the all-natural beverage market. We believe that our boutique beverage range and design concept will satisfy this gap in the market. We have focused on 3 main points when producing our products

With so many beverage choices in the market, and the majority of these loaded up with sugar, Shibui focused on keeping our products as natural as possible. They use no concentrates, no sugars and no sweeteners. To ensure the highest quality beverage and taste, all Shibui is packaged in our custom glass bottles. We firmly believe that drinks taste better in glass.

Shibui Beverage Co Coconut Water.



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